Provide Positive Parenting Classes and Workshops that promote parental responsibility of fathers. 
The dads that participate will gain a better understanding of the impact of father involvement 
on a child’s social, emotional and physical development.


Nurturing Fathers Parenting Classes
This nationally accredited curriculum teaches foundational fathering skills.

Since our conception, Community Fatherhood has provided assistance to over 800 fathers. Promoting fatherhood awareness and involvement, while educating fathers on the impact they have on their children.

Case management
Each Nurturing Fathers class participant and Fathers Matter Men’s Group will have either one home visit or up to 1.5 hours of 1:1 time with Fatherhood Worker for case management issues for each participant.

Legal Motion Assistance
We believe that successful parenting requires the father and mother work together. Many fathers find themselves out of their children’s lives, and believe that legal remedies are too expensive or complicated. Community Fatherhood offers assistance with filing motions with the local friend of the court, an organization we have a good working relationship with.

Men’s Group
In keeping with our vision Community Fatherhood has partnered with New Level Sports Ministries and the Calling  in Battle Creek, Michigan Community Fatherhood offers a weekly platform to discuss relevant issues and current events free of judgment with an opportunity for personal growth.

Men’s breakfast
Opportunity for men to fellowship, share common interest and participate in stimulating conversation. Saturday is typically viewed as a day of “rest” however it is also a day to complete weekly chores and or ongoing projects. Before the day gets hectic we encourage men to start their day in a relaxed atmosphere and dialogue with other brothers as well as be a mentor to younger boys; demonstrating to them the importance of rising up early to complete necessary chores which helps develop a strong and disciplined work ethic.

Mentoring Young Men (EXCEL program) (Explorative Creative Engaged Learning)
In keeping with our vision Community Fatherhood has partnered with New Level Sports Ministries in Battle Creek, Michigan to mentor young men who need positive male role models through the EXCEL program.  Also we mentor children at to Elementaries school in Battle Creek (Dudley, Franklin Post).  We eat lunch with and go outside and interact with the young men.
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